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Extra Large Double Pearl Earrings


These are the latest addition to our exclusive range of genuine pearl double backed stud earrings. Specially designed to be dainty, comfortable and incredibly elegant. They feature two quality ‘button shaped’ white pearls, one worn at the front and one behind the earlobe.


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Double-Sided Ear Rings are the becoming increasingly popular and we at Double Backs UK have been listening to our customers and created this exclusive range of 100% genuine pearl studs!

Specially designed to be dainty, comfortable and incredibly elegant, they feature two of the very best quality pearls,which have been fitted with solid silver findings. The front pair are ever so slightly smaller than the back pair so that with the addition of perspective they appear exactly the same size when worn. The colour could be best described as warm white, but not ivory or cream.

The front stud is 10 mm X 7 mm

The back studs are 11 mm X 8 mm


Remember pearls are organic and feed off of the oils in your skin, wear them often to keep their lustre iridescent, avoid spraying them with perfume as the alcohol will dry them out.


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